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Parish priest claims church targeted by Satanists

Temptation of Christ
by Ary Scheffer (1854)/Wikipedia/Public Domain

The vicar of a church in Bramshaw, England claims his church is being targeted by Satanists, the Daily Mail reports.

Reverend David Bacon of St Peter’s Church made this statement after members of his congregation, who had come to the church to decorate it for Christmas, found a cat hanging from the church’s flagpole.

Reverend Bacon described it as being horribly hanged.

A few weeks earlier, a fox was found dead on the doorsteps of the church built in the 12th century, and it is highly unlikely it died from natural causes.

The vicar’s claim has some recent history supporting this belief.

In 2019, several dead sheep were found around the village with satanic pentagrams spray-painted on their dead bodies.

In one instance, an upside-down cross was found laying against a dead sheep that had been stabbed with a spear. Inverted crosses are a common satanic symbol.

That same year, St Peter’s church also had occultic symbols sprayed on its outside wall.

READ: Vicar of church targeted by ‘Satanists’ who ‘stabbed sheep and sprayed them with pentagrams’ three years ago now warns of more ‘sinister’ conduct after a cat was found hanging from a flagpole

In November 2022, a Roman Catholic church in Mountlake Terrace, WA was vandalized with occultic symbols on its doors and windows that included pentagrams and the word Satan. It is generally believed the church was targeted because of its pro-life stance. READ: Local church vandalized with satanic symbols over the weekend

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