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Canada: Your stair-lift delivery will be late, would you prefer euthanasia instead?

Welcome to the new Canada, where you are offered euthanasia if you are becoming frustrated by how long it is taking to have a stair-lift installed in your home.

It is a story of how sick the euthanasia culture, officially referred to as Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), has become in Canada and how quickly it sunk after being introduced by Prime Minister Trudeau in 2016.

Disabled retired Army Corporal Christine Gauthier is a former Paralympian and in recent testimony before Canada’s House of Commons she shared her story about an alleged encounter with the Federal government’s veteran affairs, the Daily Mail reports.

Gauthier had been permanently injured in an army training accident in 1989, and had requested a stairlift for her home in 2017, so she wouldn’t have to crawl to her bedroom using her hands. Though approved there were significant delays in getting it installed.

According to Gauthier while complaining to a Veteran Affair’s employee about the delay, he apparently offered MAID to solve her problem.

READ: Disabled Canadian Army veteran Paralympian blasts government for offering to EUTHANIZE her when she complained about how long it was taking to install stairlift at her home

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