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Did the NY Times just endorse eco-terrorism and sabotage?

The New York Times has apparently allowed a Swedish Eco extremist, Andrew Malm, to write a column for their paper. In his article, Malm apparently praised eco-terrorism and sabotage.

The Daily Caller provides more details:

Throughout his NYT essay, Malm, who is also an associate professor of human ecology at Sweden’s Lund University, criticized the climate activists who threw soup on a famous Van Gogh painting in London to protest fossil fuel production as their actions were not “gritty” enough. Malm argues that engaging in eco-terrorism is the most productive and logical form of climate activism and is also the author of the nonfiction book, How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire. 

“As a rule, I tend to think sabotage is most effective when it is precise and gritty,” Malm wrote.

Malm praised the British environmentalists who destroyed gas station pumps in the United Kingdom, stating that they “hit the nail on the head” because it directly targeted a source of climate change. Malm claimed that climate movements in the West are now using sabotage to push their agendas, referencing the activist groups that have attacked pipeline facilities and disabled SUVs.

READ: ‘Sabotage Is Most Effective’: Eco-Terrorism Advocate Given Platform By The New York Times In Opinion Column

On a related note, Malm, not surprisingly, seems to have a Marxist bent. READ: Climate Alarmists: Only ‘Ecological Leninism’ Can Stop Global Warming

No mention if Malm approved of enviro-extremists charged with allegedly trying to sabotage rail lines in Washington State in 2020, to protest the construction of a gas pipeline in Canada. READ: 2 Leftist Women Arrested On Charges Of Terrorist Attack on a Railroad AND from the Justice Department Pair charged with interfering with safety on railroad tracks AND 2nd woman convicted of railroad track sabotage in Washington

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