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Is the Dutch government planning to drive farmers off their land?

Influenced by the World Economic Forum, advisors of the radicalized left-wing Dutch government are recommending that the government start seizing farms and relocating farmers as part of its continued attack to drive farmers off the land.

However, it appears that Dutch farmers will not go without a fight.

Breitbart explains:

Dutch farmers’ organisations have vowed to launch more protests in the Netherlands in response to advice from the government’s mediator, who has called for the forceable relocation of farming firms and the seizure of up to 600 farms deemed to be the heaviest nitrogen emitters.

Farmers Defence Force leader Mark Van den Oever announced this week that Dutch farmers will once again take to the streets after the government expressed its intentions to adopt the plan presented by former deputy prime minister Johan Remkes to meet the nitrogen standards demanded by the European Union.

READ: Dutch Farmers Promise Fresh Protests After Govt Backs Plan to Forcibly Seize Farmland

With warnings that millions of people are potentially facing famine in 2022-23, I would think we need more farms, not fewer. READ: Millions could die without ‘urgent’ funding as ‘catastrophic famine’ looms in East Africa, IRC says

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