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New York City’s ‘Get out of Jail’ free card

A man who allegedly rampaged through a McDonald’s restaurant in New York City armed with an axe, threatening people’s lives, was apparently released the next day due to the city’s soft-on-crime policy, the Daily Mail reports.

The 31-year-old male, who allegedly went into a rage after being rejected by a woman in the restaurant who refused to give her phone number, was gloating the next day on Instagram that he was already out of jail.

The Daily Mail provides more details:

‘They took me to the hospital and than jail. And now I’m out. Some of you want me to go to jail? Already did! Haha. So Have a great day,’ he gloated.

Footage of the ensuing frenzy showed Palacios threatening customers while swinging the axe, breaking panes of glass and intimidating onlookers, following a verbal disagreement that quickly turned physical.

A delivery man who witnessed the fight has since revealed that the altercation began after Palacios, who reportedly had been drinking, was spurned by the unidentified woman after asking for her number in the store moments before.

READ: The ax man who brought terror to NYC McDonald’s is RELEASED without bail despite smashing restaurant up and attacking customers after ‘being rejected by young woman’

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