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Historic first: Jews enter the Temple Mount through the Gate of Tribes

The Temple Mount. Note the Gate of Tribes is located in the top corner behind the Dome of the Rock

From a Jewish perspective, it was a historic event. On August 28, 2022, Jews were allowed to enter the Temple Mount through the Gate of Tribes located on the Northeast corner.

It was the first time that Jewish worshipers were allowed to enter through this gate since Israel became a nation in 1948.

There are 12 gates surrounding the Temple Mount and as well six sealed gates.

Over the years, the Muslims have entered the Temple Mount using the Gate of Tribes, named after the 12 Tribes of Israel. To this point, the Jews have only been allowed to enter via the Mughrabi Gate, (also called the Dung Gate, Hallel Gate or Gate of forgiveness).

Technically, it wasn’t the first time that Jews entered through the Gate of Tribes. In 1967, Israeli paratroopers used gate when they liberated the Temple Mount during the seven-day war in 1967.

Shortly after the group of approximately 50 people entered, six broke off and prostrated themselves on the ground and were quickly removed by Israeli police.

According to Jewish tradition, Jews are only allowed to prostrate themselves before God on the Temple Mount, but this act of worship is expressly forbidden on the Mount, Israel365 reports.

Allowing the group to enter the Temple Mount was called historic by several orthodox Jews. Israel365 noted that several Muslims who saw the Jews enter through the gate did not react:

There were many Arabs who witnessed this, and they did not react,” Ariel told Israel365. “The gates are all the same for the Muslims. There is no reason why we should be required to use only or specifically the Mughrabi Gate.”

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The 12 open gates surrounding the Temple Mount:

  1. Gate of Tribes
  2. Forgiveness Gate (the gate that the Jews traditionally used)
  3. Gate of Darkness
  4. Gate of the Bani Ghānim
  5. Gate of the Seraglio or Palace (closed)
  6. Council Gate
  7. Iron Gate
  8. Cotton Merchants’ Gate
  9. Ablution Gate
  10. Tranquility Gate
  11. Chain Gate
  12. Morocco Gate

There are six gates that have been sealed or bricked off:

  1. Golden Gate
  2. Warren’s Gate
  3. Barclay’s Gate
  4. Huldah Gate
  5. Single Gate
  6. Gate of Funerals (Burâq)

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