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Study: Vitamin D deficiency increases risk of dying from COVID by 50%

Another study conducted by researchers in Israel and Russia has stated that a deficiency in vitamin D can significantly increased the risk of death from COVID, WND reports.

The report published in the Israel Medical Association Journal analyzed several studies that looked at the link between vitamin D deficiencies and COVID severity.

The researchers from the Laboratory of the Mosaics of Autoimmunity in Israel and First Moscow State University concluded that a vitamin D deficiency increased the chances of death from COVID by as much as 50%.

WND provides more details:

They concluded the trials “demonstrate that vitamin D levels are inversely correlated with the COVID-19 severity, serum levels of inflammatory markers and fatality rates, mainly through the modulation of the innate immune response and possible enhancement of antibody generation post-vaccination.”

The researchers cautioned that there is “ongoing discussion regarding whether low vitamin D is caused by the infection or if its deficiency negatively affects the immune disease.

In any case, they said, giving vitamin D supplements to COVID patients has improved their immune function, mainly by increasing the percentage of blood lymphocytes.

READ: Study: Vitamin D deficiency raises risk of death from COVID by 50%

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