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Study: Vitamin D deficiency increases risk of dying from COVID by 50%

Another study conducted by researchers in Israel and Russia has stated that a deficiency in vitamin D can significantly increased the risk of death from COVID, WND reports. The report published in the Israel Medical Association Journal analyzed several studies that looked at the link between vitamin D deficiencies and COVID severity. The researchers from the Laboratory of the Mosaics of Autoimmunity in Israel and First Moscow State University concluded that a vitamin D deficiency increased the chances of death from COVID by as much as 50%. WND provides more details: They concluded the trials “demonstrate that vitamin D levels are inversely correlated with the COVID-19 severity, serum levels of inflammatory markers and fatality rates, mainly through the modulation of the innate immune response and possible enhancement of antibody generation post-vaccination.” The researchers cautioned that there is “ongoing discussion regarding whether low vitamin D is caused by the infection or if its deficiency negatively affects the immune disease. In any case, they said, giving vitamin D supplements to COVID patients has improved their immune function, …

Study: Vitamin D may increase cancer survival rates

You probably think I must own stocks in a vitamin D manufacturer? Well, I don’t. I have previously reported on several studies suggesting that low levels of vitamin D may make us vulnerable to COVID-19. However, there may be an additional benefit to taking vitamin D. A recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard revealed regularly taking vitamin D supplements may reduce our chances of dying from cancer. However, researchers are uncertain as to why.

Another study links Covid with vitamin D deficiency

Yet another study is suggesting that a vitamin D deficiency may contribute to a person’s susceptibility to COVID. This one is a bit different because researchers tested Britain’s National Health Service workers for Coronavirus antibodies and levels of vitamin D. The Daily Mail explains: Further proof that vitamin D could protect people from coronavirus emerged today after another study found adults deficient in the nutrient are more at risk of catching the disease.  Seventy-two per cent of NHS workers who were lacking in the ‘sunshine vitamin’ also tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies — a sign of previous infection. This compared to just 51 per cent for those who had a sufficient amount. The difference was even greater among those of a Black, Asian or ethnic minority, who may be more likely to have a deficiency because people with darker skin find it harder to obtain it from the sun. READ: Another study finds having a vitamin D deficiency could make you more likely to catch Covid-19 US President Donald Trump was recently hospitalized when he tested positive …