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Another study links Covid with vitamin D deficiency

Yet another study is suggesting that a vitamin D deficiency may contribute to a person’s susceptibility to COVID. This one is a bit different because researchers tested Britain’s National Health Service workers for Coronavirus antibodies and levels of vitamin D.

The Daily Mail explains:

Further proof that vitamin D could protect people from coronavirus emerged today after another study found adults deficient in the nutrient are more at risk of catching the disease. 

Seventy-two per cent of NHS workers who were lacking in the ‘sunshine vitamin’ also tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies — a sign of previous infection. This compared to just 51 per cent for those who had a sufficient amount.

The difference was even greater among those of a Black, Asian or ethnic minority, who may be more likely to have a deficiency because people with darker skin find it harder to obtain it from the sun.

READ: Another study finds having a vitamin D deficiency could make you more likely to catch Covid-19

US President Donald Trump was recently hospitalized when he tested positive for COVID. He was released from hospital three days later. The New York Times provided a list of what the doctors gave President Trump while hospitalized and that included a new experimental drug, zinc and vitamin D.

The New York Times writes:

President Trump has received a dose of an experimental antibody cocktail being developed by the drug maker Regeneron, in addition to several other drugs, including zinc, vitamin D and the generic version of the heartburn treatment Pepcid, according to a letter from his doctor that was released by the White House Friday afternoon.

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Doctors in India recently stopped an outbreak of COVID in one of the country’s largest slums. In this instance, they used the much maligned malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine, along with Zinc and vitamin D. READ: This Indian slum contained a possible COVID-19 disaster with hydroxychloroquine

There have already been several studies suggesting vitamin D may be effective in dealing with the Coronavirus. As we enter the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere, we can take it as a supplement, but only take the recommended dosage:

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