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Study: Vitamin D may increase cancer survival rates

You probably think I must own stocks in a vitamin D manufacturer? Well, I don’t. I have previously reported on several studies suggesting that low levels of vitamin D may make us vulnerable to COVID-19.

However, there may be an additional benefit to taking vitamin D. A recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard revealed regularly taking vitamin D supplements may reduce our chances of dying from cancer. However, researchers are uncertain as to why.

The Daily Mail writes:

People who take vitamin D supplements may be less at-risk for developing late stage and even fatal cancer, new research suggests.  


A study led by experts at Harvard University found people taking the daily pills were 17 percent less likely to develop advanced cancer.

And those who were of a healthy weight were even more likely to benefit, with a risk reduction of 38 percent. 

READ: Another reason to take vitamin D: People on a daily dose are 17% less likely to develop late-stage cancer and face lower odds of death, study finds

The Daily Mail also pointed out that originally the researchers who conducted the study stated that vitamin D had no impact, because it did not reduce your chances of getting cancer.

However, as time went on they were forced to take a second look at the study, because people who regularly took vitamin D supplements had lower death rates from cancer.

The Daily Mail explains:

A secondary analysis, published last night, found this anomaly can be explained by the fact that vitamin D seems to stop metastatic cancers – those aggressive types which spread to other parts of the body.

One of the primary ways we get vitamin D is through sunshine. However, during the winter months, our vitamin D levels can drop significantly and this also coincides with our flu and cold season. For this reason, people are encouraged to take vitamin D supplements.

Here are a few more studies on the benefits of vitamin D:

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