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YouTube forces creator to designate a horror video as suitable for kids

YouTube is forcing a creator to designate his horror videos as being suitable for children, even though the creator did not want children viewing his videos.

After uploading a horror film, intended for ‘intense horror fans,’ creator Kris Straub designated it as only being suitable for those over the age of 18.

It was only later, that Straub discovered YouTube had changed this setting, allowing children to view the film.

By having a video designated for kids, the video can now be included in the YouTube Kids app.

When Straub tried to change it back to its original: “Yes, restrict my video to viewers over 18 years of age,” he couldn’t because YouTube had disabled the setting.

Breitbart provides more details:

Google’s hapless content moderation process for YouTube has begun flagging horror videos as “for kids,” cutting off creators from setting the rating of the videos as ages 18 and above. One horror video marked as appropriate for children is a fake government broadcast urging viewers to kill their families after a successful invasion of America.

Ars Technica reports that Google’s content moderation process has made yet another error, this time flagging horror videos as “for kids” and preventing creators from changing the age range to 18 and up. One example comes from the horror series Local58TV, created by Kris Straub.

READ: Protect Your Children from Google: YouTube Marks Horror Videos as ‘For Kids,’ Won’t Let Creators Change Rating

And this is not the first time, that YouTube has allowed graphic horror and other disturbing videos on its kid’s channel. READ: YouTube Kids App Includes Videos Showing Suicide, School Shootings, and Abuse AND YouTube kids: There is still a huge problem

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