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The problem with electric vehicles

The Nissan Leaf electric vehicle
Credit: Kosabe/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Many woke governments have dived headlong into electric vehicles (EV), often providing subsidies to companies that manufacture them and to anyone who would purchase one.

Of course, it is being done in the name of saving the world from man-made global warming.

But they have failed to perform one of the most basic checks when diving into an unknown pool: How deep is the water?

Not very, according to an article in the Financial Post:

The Achilles’ heel of vehicle electrification is the lithium-ion battery, an inefficient, costly and vulnerable energy-storage system plagued by issues of weight, energy density, low performance in cold weather and grid adequacy — and now also by skyrocketing prices of the key minerals it requires: lithium, cobalt and nickel.

The electric mobility paradigm needs to be recognized for what it has been: a technical and fiscal flop. It should be shelved before it precipitates a serious meltdown of the automotive industry.

READ: Opinion: Do electric cars ever emerge from policy intensive care?: The electric mobility paradigm needs to be recognized for what it has been: a technical and fiscal flop

And, there is another problem with lithium

And oh yes, there is another concern that needs addressing. Lithium is absolutely essential for EV batteries, and the following headlines best describe that problem:

READ: China Dominates the Global Lithium Battery Market

READ: U.S. lawmakers blast Canada over sale of lithium mining company to Chinese firm

READ: China’s Huayou buys lithium mine in Zimbabwe for $422 mln

READ: Chinese Investors Vie for Lithium Mines in Argentina

READ: China’s BYD Snaps Up Six African Lithium Mines to Get Ten Years’ Supply of EV Battery Materials

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