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Canada: Trudeau continues his assault on agriculture

While experts warn of looming famines, food shortages and skyrocketing food prices, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, continues his assault on agriculture.

Apparently, Health Canada wants to force meat producers to label ground beef and pork with warnings about high levels of sodium, saturated fats or sugar, City News report.

If it proceeds with this plan, Canada would be the first country to implement such warnings.

But there is the catch. Sylvan Charlebois, who is the senior director of Agrifood Analytics at Dalhousie University, says that once people cook the meat, it falls below Health Canada’s “threshold requiring the warning labels.”

So what is the Trudeau government’s goal in all of this?

Charlebois believes it will cause people to quit buying these products.

READ: Health Canada plan to require warning labels on ground beef, pork raises concerns

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As reported earlier, Trudeau also wants Western farmers, who refuse to vote for him, to quit putting fertilizer on their cereal crops. Of course, it is part of his grandiose plan to lower Canada’s CO2 emissions. READ: Feds target cereals as major emitter

As food shortages loom and prices skyrocket, the loony left is increasing fixated in its attack on agriculture. An environmental extremist in Britain is calling for the government to end farming in that country. READ: George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to save the planet

It is all part of Trudeau’s grandiose plan to reduce Canada’s CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, India, who is facing energy shortages because of its shift to green, is building 100 new coal plants. READ: Facing a power crisis and searing heat, India falls back on coal

And someone comes to their senses in Britain. READ: Boris Johnson abandons Carrie-inspired green push and is set to water down  Net Zero target amid cost-of-living crisis

MEANWHILE IN AMERICA, READ: Americans Could See Grocery Store Prices Skyrocket Even Higher: REPORT

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