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My personal encounter with a UFO

Many years ago, I was traveling home late at night after visiting a friend in a nearby city.

There was no traffic.

And suddenly, I saw a bright object flying in the night sky above me.

I was absolutely terrified.

My adrenaline was pumping, and I kept glancing up to see what it was doing, as it distinctly seemed to be following me.

I watched it for several minutes, and then I did something strange. I rebuked whatever it was “in the Name of Jesus,” and as quickly as this unidentified flying object appeared, it was gone

I was shocked as much by its sudden disappearance, as I was by its appearance, and for the next several miles kept peering into the night sky to see if it was still there.

But it was gone.

I have wondered, at times, if this incident was the product of an overactive imagination, but that doesn’t explain why it disappeared after I rebuked it in Jesus’ name.

So, when the Biden administration recently had officials testify before Congress on reports of UFO sightings, I was intrigued by the response of Neal Sibley, a Christian UFO researcher.

After years of research, Sibley believes these UFOs are simply fallen angels masquerading as aliens.

Charisma News reports.

“It is my contention that the UFO phenomenon is very much real,” Sibley continues. “However, I believe the evidence reveals that the occupants of UFOs are not visiting aliens, but are, in reality, fallen angels masquerading as extraterrestrials visitors. Consequently, I believe the populace is on the eve of being lulled into the greatest worldwide deception ever perpetrated. I support my hypothesis with historical facts and the holy Bible.”[…]

“The prevailing church system has essentially abandoned scriptural teachings on the demonic realm as recorded in the Bible; it simply doesn’t fit the marketing schemes for most of today’s churches.”

Sibley also believes there is a much more sinister purpose for these appearances, which I don’t necessarily agree with, but nevertheless, it falls in line with my only encounter with a UFO.

And, I suspect the timing of the Congressional hearing was all about politics and a purposeful attempt to distract people from the daily discussions of the abysmal failings of the current administration.

READ: UFOs: Aliens From Another Planet—or Demonic Imposters?


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