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Reincarnation? UFOs? Ghosts? Do you believe?

1) Do you believe in reincarnation? I know a man, and when he was born, his grandmother held the new baby and said, “This one has been here before.” I don’t think there has ever been evidence to support that belief. He has never mentioned memories of a previous life, for instance, but the family remembers that story. His grandmother believed. Many people believe in reincarnation, or at least they are interested enough to investigate: 2) Do you believe in UFOs? When I was a boy, my big brother was very serious about UFOs. We called them flying saucers, and my brother found some interesting books. I was a good reader, and I learned a lot about UFOs and the people who believe in them. One Sunday, the pastor of our church told us all that those ideas were not true and that we shouldn’t believe in them. I think my mother put him up to that. We kept our ideas quiet, after that, but I did see ET when it came out. I also …

Atheists have faith, 85% believe in aliens

I recently read an interesting article published by Religion News Service that reported on a Pew survey conducted this year on the belief in alien life. While atheists enjoy mocking Christians because of our belief in God, the poll found that atheists, despite their claims of being evidence-based, also have faith, as most believe in the existence of aliens. According to Pew’s survey conducted in 2021, 85% of atheists/agnostics said they believed in little green men. But they weren’t alone, as the same survey revealed that 80% of nones, those with no religious affiliation, also claimed they believe in aliens. Though certainly not as high, overall 57% of Christians similarly claimed they believed in the possibility of life on other planets, but when broken down by religious affiliation, Evangelicals at 40% were among the lowest to hold such an opinion. And if a survey conducted in 2014 by Astronomer David Weintraub is any indication, atheists’ belief in aliens is growing. The Vanderbilt University professor conducted a similar survey for his book, Religions and Extraterrestrial life, …

No infrared, no proof, but still most atheists believe in aliens

[by Dean Smith] It is a strange irony. While on one hand atheists claim they can’t believe in God because there is no scientific evidence to prove His existence, yet polls show the majority of atheists believe in aliens even though there is no scientific evidence to prove their existence. Oh sure, there are YouTube videos of people claiming aliens abducted them for experimentation, but that is hardly evidence. In fact, in a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel, famed atheist and physicist Stephen Hawking expressed concern about an advanced alien society plundering earth’s resources along the Hollywood theme of War of the Worlds or Independence Day. Well, Hawking and other like-minded atheists needn’t worry, Penn State just released its analysis of 100,000 galaxies probed by NASA’s Wise space observatory. They were looking for evidence of advanced alien civilizations and found none.