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Twitter engineer admits social media giant actively censors conservative posts

In an undercover interview with Project Veritas, a senior Twitter engineer alleged that many of the workers at the Social Media giant were communists and actively censor conservative posts. He also stated that Twitter is opposed to free speech.

According to the Daily Mail:

A senior engineer at Twitter has admitted the social media giant has a strong left-wing bias and they routinely censor conservatives.

Siru Murugesan was recorded saying the company culture is extremely far left where workers are ‘commie as f**k’ and they ‘hate, hate, hate’ Elon Musk’s $44billion takeover.

In a shockingly frank conversation, filmed over several encounters, he said the firm ‘does not believe in free speech’ and even started to turn him left-wing when he joined.

The engineer added that the staff are terrified that Musk would turn Twitter into a capitalist, free-speech organization instead of the socialist utopia that it has become. He said the staff has little concern about the bottom line and routinely takes off as much time as they want.

There is much more in this enlightening article on the Socialist Twitter culture. READ: ‘Twitter does not believe in free speech’: Undercover Project Veritas recording reveals Twitter engineer saying platform censors the right but NOT the left, everyone who works there is ‘commie as f**k’ and they ‘hate’ Elon Musk

You can watch the interview here:

Is Musk having second thoughts about the Twitter purchase?

Meanwhile, Elon Musk may be having second thoughts about buying the Social Media giant. He is wondering how many of the accounts are legitimate and how many are bots. Twitter claims that only 5% of its users are bots, Musk is concerned it may be significantly higher.

This is important because these numbers impact ad revenues. Companies purchase advertising based on how many real users there are. READ: Elon Musk threatens to pull the plug on Twitter deal unless CEO Parag Agrawal provides proof that less than 5% of Twitter accounts are bots as tech giant files proxy statement with SEC that buyout will be at agreed price of $54.20 per share

Meanwhile, more real people are leaving Twitter

READ: Jordan Peterson announces he is ‘departing’ Twitter: Canadian psychologist told his audience that the social media platform is ‘maddening us all’

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