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Liverpool major demands city buses take down Rev Graham’s ‘hate filled’ adverts

Liverpool, England

Breitbart is reporting that the left-wing mayor in the city region of Liverpool, Steve Rotherham, is demanding that local bus companies stop running ads advertising meetings that Rev. Franklin Graham is having in the city.

Apparently, they are hate speech.

Liverpool is part of a Rev. Graham’s four city campaign in England that starts towards the end of May.

Breitbart provides more details of the hateful speech written on the ads.

Steve Rotherham, Labour’s left-wing Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, has called on two British bus companies, Stagecoach and Arriva, to remove advertisements promoting an upcoming event involving Franklin Graham in the city in May.

The advertisements for Graham’s ‘God Loves You Too’ tour merely read: “Looking for something more?” with information about the upcoming event in Liverpool. […]

Responding to the political pressure against his tour, Rev Graham said that “there is nothing offensive in these adverts.”

READ: Liverpool Mayor Tries to Cancel Rev Franklin Graham’s ‘Hateful’ Christian Bus Ads

You can see Rev. Graham’s hate-filled poster in the tweet below:

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