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Putin demands Israel turns over a Jerusalem church to the Russian government

According to the Jewish news site, Haartz, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has sent a letter to the Israeli government demanding that it turn over control of The Church of St. Alexander Nevsky to the Russian government.

Also called the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Russian Orthodox church is located in the Christian Quarter of Old Jerusalem.

Former Russian Tsar, Alexander II purchased the property in 1859 on which the Russian Orthodox was built. The land continued to be owned by the family of the Tsar until the communist revolution in 1917.

In 2020, the Israeli government had actually agreed to turn over the land to Putin in exchange for the release of an Israeli citizen, arrested for drug crimes.

However, that decision was overturned when the Orthodox Palestine Society of the Holy Land, which currently owns the property, challenged the decision in court.

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Coincidentally, Putin also wants Alaska back

Of course, this is not the only land that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants back.

Apparently, he feels that Russia was shafted when the same Tsar, Alexander II, sold Alaska to the US and Putin wants it back.

The Russian president is also whining about some old Fort located in California (Fort Ross).

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