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Trudeau must stop policing Canadians’ thoughts, Economist Magazine warns

With the support of the NDP, the Trudeau government was able to invoke the Emergency Act in Canada’s parliament yesterday, giving the Prime Minister unparalleled dictatorial powers in Canada.

And the liberal-leaning Economist Magazine, that once supported Canada’s Prime Minister, is now strongly critical of Trudeau, warning him to stop policing the thoughts of Canadians.

The Economist wrote:

A wise government would listen to them and respond politely, taking their complaints seriously and patiently explaining why covid restrictions, though onerous, are necessary for the time being.

“Justin Trudeau has done the opposite. First, he refused to meet them. Then, seizing on the fact that a few of the protesters appear to be bigots, he attempted to put all of them outside the boundaries of reasonable debate by condemning ‘the anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-black racism, homophobia and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days’.” […]

“Canada is not yet a rancorous or bitterly divided society. If Mr Trudeau wants to keep it that way, he should stop trying to police Canadians’ thoughts.”

READ: ‘Stop Policing Thoughts’ – Globalist Economist Magazine Turns on Trudeau

On the police action in Ottawa

Meanwhile, Breitbart reports that Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) will be investigating a serious incident that resulted in police on horseback trampling a Mohawk woman during actions against the protestors in Ottawa.

Breitbart explains:

Contrary to statements from the Ottawa police, SIU confirmed the woman suffered a “serious injury” during her “interaction” with the horse.”

READ: Watchdog Says Woman ‘Seriously Injured’ By Horse Despite Ottawa Police Denial

And then there is this?

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