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How the birth of Harley and Harry are raising questions about Britain’s abortion laws

The birth of Harley and Harry is causing many to wonder about Britain’s abortion laws.

Even the secular press is questioning them. In an article entitled, Meet the little bundles of joy born at 22 weeks – BEFORE the legal limit for termination – who raise a big question about our abortion laws, the Daily Mail tells the story of Jade Crane who went into labour at just 22 weeks.

Abortions are still allowed at this age as doctors believe it is below the thresh hold of survival.

For 11 years, Harry and Jade Crane had been trying to have a baby and gone through several fertility treatments. In what they considered to be their last chance at a child, Jade became pregnant. But then her water broke on Oct 25, 2021, they were predictably very fearful.

When Jade was wheeled into the birthing room at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, the medical staff were referring it to as a miscarriage rather than birth.

After delivery, Jade was put in the Serenity Room, a specially designed grieving area for parents of babies who are not expected to survive.

And when Jade’s two babies were born, they were no larger than a Mars Bar. You could see their heart and lungs through their skin.

But two things provided hope. First, they were both breathing on their own. Secondly, the medical staff was shocked, when they started crying, but it seemed to change everything and the race was on to save their lives.

In what is being looked upon as a medical miracle, three months later, the Harley and Harry are still alive and growing. They have had several serious medical issues along their journey, common for premature babies, and it is still too early to tell if they will have future issues.

But Jenny Johnston explains in her article:

You have to commend the extraordinary medical teams who have kept these babies alive, against all the odds.

But their survival must raise huge ethical questions about both the abortion cut-off point, and the way hospitals treat women who go into such premature labour. 

It’s quite a story and definitely worth a READ: Meet the little bundles of joy born at 22 weeks – BEFORE the legal limit for termination – who raise a big question about our abortion laws

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