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Canadian provinces are starting to end the Omicron mandates

I am not referring to the restrictions as COVID Mandates anymore, because they are out of touch with what is really happening with the virus. Those still demanding restrictions are essentially trying to protect us from Omicron, which is being compared worldwide to the flu.

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Meanwhile, several studies reveal that vaccines are proving ineffective against Omicron, questioning the need and effectiveness of vaccine passports. READ: Fourth COVID vaccine still doesn’t stop Omicron, new Israeli study shows

The ineffectiveness of our various COVID vaccines against Omicron is the reason provinces in Spain are ending their vaccine passports. READ: Spain’s First Study on Omicron Finds Vaccinated People Spread COVID at Same Rate as Unvaccinated

With Freedom protests across Canada standing up to the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and calling for an end to his Omicron mandates, several provincial governments have gained the courage to announce they will soon be winding them down.


With declining hospitalizations from the Omicron variant that is being compared to the flu around the world, Alberta Premier Jason Kenny announced the end of Vaccine mandates effective immediately. He also announced an end to mask requirements in schools.


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced the end of vaccine mandates effective Feb. 14, 2022, and the end of the need for masks in public settings effective the end of February.


While Quebec’s stand down is not as significant, it revealed a major change in vaccination policy.

The province’s premier, François Legault, has canceled the government’s previously announced plans to tax anyone who is not fully vaccinated against Omicron.

The province has announced it will be ending COVID restrictions such as capacity rules, but will still be maintaining its vaccine passport.

Prince Edward Island:

The province of Prince Edward Island has announced that it will be ending all vaccine passport and mask requirements by April 7, 2022.


The government of Manitoba has announced a slight reduction of restrictions on private gatherings, but added that it hopes to be restriction-free by spring.

British Columbia:

On Jan 21, 2021, the BC government announced that plans are in the works to treat Omicron like the flu, but at this point, restrictions remain the same.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doubles down

Meanwhile, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has doubled down and stated that the only way to end the restrictions is with restrictions.

READ: FIRST READING: Everybody (except Trudeau) is abandoning COVID restrictions AND Canadian provinces begin backing off vaccine mandates amid lingering Freedom Convoy protests AND The dominos begin to fall: Most Canadian pandemic strictures should be gone by spring

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