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Did the ‘Canada Revenue Agency’ falsely accuse truck protestors of ransacking office buildings?

The Connaught Building, the headquarters for the Canada Revenue Agency in Ottawa, Ontario
Credit: Michel Rathwell/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Along with many in the mainstream media, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is desperate to negatively spin the protests taking place across Canada demanding an end to Trudeau’s COVID mandates.

The Prime Minister is particularly annoyed by the thousands of truckers protesting in Ottawa as part of the ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’ calling for an end to the mandates.

Apparently, government agencies are stepping in to help.

The CRA’s fake news?

Blacklock’s Reporter writes:

The Canada Revenue Agency falsely accused Freedom Convoy protesters of ransacking office buildings. The Agency yesterday would not comment after spreading fake news that angry truck drivers had run amok in downtown Ottawa. The report was among several that falsely claimed protests had turned violent: “The biggest challenges facing our future will be the restoration of public confidence in institutions such as the media and government.

Note: Blacklock’s Reporter is renowned for its inside information on what is going on in Ottawa.

Canada Revenue Agency is the country’s tax collection agency, and it’s had problems in the past. (READ: Canada Revenue Agency employees arrested in corruption probe)

READ (behind a paywall): Feds Falsely Accuse Truckers

Tinfoil hats?

Meanwhile, Trudeau continues to insult the 54% of Canadians who want his COVID mandates to end:

Blacklock’s Reporter explains:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday said Freedom Convoy protesters must go home after days of demonstrations at Parliament Hill. Trudeau made the comment after describing truckers as “tin foil hats” deserving of public disgust: “What is needed is for people to go home.”

READ (behind a paywall): PM To Truckers: Go Home

A non-violent protest

Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fleeing Ottawa, apparently, none of the truck protestors were violent, according to Ottawa’s police chief at a recent news conference:

But here is how the mainstream media portrayed the exact same news conference:

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