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Inflation is America’s number one concern

According to a CNBC poll in December, inflation is officially America’s number one concern, ahead of COVID.

CNBC writes:

Inflation has now firmly eclipsed the coronavirus as the No. 1 concern for the country, with those two issues followed by immigration, crime and climate change.

And government policies, such as reckless overspending, are typically the major cause of inflation.

CBN reports that inflation is at a 40-year high in the US, with prices for staple goods such as eggs, poultry, and fish up an average of 12.5% in one year.

Shockingly, it’s even being noticed by the New York Times (NYT) that has typically functioned as President Joe Biden’s official PR firm.

In a recent editorial headlined, “The President’s Economy is Failing the Big Mac Test,” the NYT says inflation is impacting people’s pocketbooks and limiting how many hamburgers they can purchase.

And Americans are increasingly looking at President Joe Biden’s policies as the main cause for the higher prices. According to a recent CBS poll, 65% of Americans said that President Biden is not doing enough to stop inflation.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s policies driving up inflation in Canada

And in Canada, inflation is hitting rates not seen since 1991. Similar to the US, this is also due primarily to government policies that include reckless overspending.

But in addition to this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is requiring all truckers, including those bringing fruit and vegetables into Canada from the US, to be fully vaccinated. This is not only hindering the delivery of goods to grocery stores, but it is also driving up prices.

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