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US inflation sets 41-year record high

With many, including Democrats, now suggesting that President Joe Biden is the worst president in American history, the latest Consumer Price Index seems to confirm this.

Nearly half of Americans state inflation is causing financial hardship

According to a Gallup poll conducted in Nov 2021, 45% of Americans stated that the country’s inflation rate is causing ‘financial hardship.’ The Blaze noted that 10% of those surveyed said that inflation is having a ‘severe’ impact, meaning that they are struggling to maintain their current living standard. The survey also found that those on the lower end of the pay scale were the hardest hit, with 71% of those earning less than $40,000 annually reporting that inflation is becoming a problem, compared to only 29% for those earning over $100,000. The Blaze added that in October 2021, prices for consumer goods had increased by 6.2% compared to Oct 2020 and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization stated that in November, ‘commonly traded food commodities’ were 27.3% higher than in November 2020. READ: Nearly half of Americans say inflation has caused them ‘financial hardship’: Gallup A report this week also said that the country’s surging gas prices are having a significant impact on the poor. READ: Report: Surging Fuel Prices Hurt Poorer Americans the …