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Worship leader Sean Feucht claims HarperCollins will no longer publish his book due to his political views

Sean Feucht performing at an event in Phoenix, Arizona in December 2021.
Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

UPDATE: Feucht reports, that he has since received a much better book deal than he originally had with HarperCollins. When announcing this new deal on Facebook, Feucht said, “God is bigger than ‘cancel culture.'”

In 2020, Sean Feucht, a former worship leader at Bethel Church, held worship services across America, in some instances, at locations the hardest hit by rioting that plagued 2020. This included a service at the very location where George Floyd died at the hands of police.

Feucht did this in an attempt to bring healing and revival to the US. The “Let Us Worship” events held outdoors in some instances pushed the limits of the lockdown mandates.

But there was also resistance, as Feucht and his team received death threats and push back from governments and police who tried to stop the worship services.

And apparently, the pushback continues, as Feucht claims HarperCollins Christian Publishing has just informed him that it would no longer be publishing his book because of Feucht’s political views.

Feucht was surprised by the cancellation, as HarperCollins had bid against six other publishers for the rights to the book, which will focus on how his worship team battled through the resistance during the 2020 “Let Us Worship” events.

Feucht added that he was also told a couple of workers in HarperCollins’ marketing department had refused to work on his book.

Feucht, who has been working on the manuscript for several months, told the Christian Post (CP):

“Why is there so much resistance to this message? The premise of the book is about boldness and courage. I’m sharing about our journey in the last couple of years, and how the Lord forged this thing in us through many different layers of resistance. So I just thought it was so ironic that, that they would cancel a book on boldness and courage because they didn’t have the boldness and courage to publish it. The irony is so rich here.”

It is uncertain what specific political views bothered the staff at HarperCollins, but in 2020, Feucht unsuccessfully ran to represent the Republican Party in California’s 3rd congressional district.

His campaign platform included lower taxes, opposing abortion, pushing for parental rights, promoting affordable housing in California and an end to homelessness.

Feucht has also publicly criticized Black Lives Matter, which was behind much of the rioting.

Feucht told CP that the book was not political. “It’s just talking about faith,” Feucht said, “and how we got to stand up for our faith.”

He believes there are spiritual forces at work as well. “I’m not one to demonize people,” Feucht added. “It’s powers and principalities that don’t want the message to go out. But I feel like this is the call, this is the cry, this is what we need to hear and what we need to release in 2022.”

This seems to be another example of woke individuals trying to cancel any views they personally don’t agree with.

A similar thing happened in 2020 when staff at the Canadian branch of Penguin Random House demanded that it not publish Dr. Jordan Peterson’s latest book, Beyond Order: 12 more rules for Life.

The famed University of Toronto Psychology professor has gained worldwide notoriety for his conservative views and push for individuals to quit playing the victim and take responsibility for their lives.

According to reports, when Penguin announced the book, some staff members were so outraged, that the publisher organized a town hall for workers to discuss the book. At the meeting, a few staffers broke into tears as they demanded the book not be published.

Penguin responded by publishing the book.

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