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Danish medical chief says Omicron marks the end of the pandemic, suggests it may be over in 2 months

With Omicron proving to be a much milder form of COVID, Tyra Grove Krause, Denmark’s chief medical officer, stated its arrival marks the end of the COVID pandemic. She predicted it could be over in a couple of months.

The Daily Mail reports that in a recent TV interview, Krause said a study by her office found that hospitalizations are 50% lower than for Delta, despite the fact significantly more people are coming down with the virus.

The Daily Mail writes:

I think we will have that in the next two months, and then I hope the infection will start to subside and we get our normal lives back,’ she said on Monday.

Despite early fears that Omicron could prolong the pandemic due to its increased level of infection, Ms Krause said it actually could spell the end of the pandemic.

According to the study: ‘Omicron is here to stay, and it will provide some massive spread of infection in the coming month. When it’s over, we’re in a better place than we were before.’

READ: Denmark health chief says Omicron is bringing about the END of the pandemic and ‘we will have our normal lives back in two months’

And London is reporting

Despite skyrocketing Omicron cases in London, the Daily Mail reports that the percentage of people requiring ventilators is half of what it was under the previous variant, Delta.

Yesterday, there were 3,744 patients in London's hospitals with Covid compared to around 1,000 at the end of November. Yet despite this, the number of mechanical ventilation beds in use increased from 175 to just 230. This equates to around six per cent of people in hospital who require help to breathe - a significant drop compared to around 20 per cent during the summer

READ: Percentage of Covid patients in London requiring ventilators in hospital drops by HALF from Delta wave in further sign Omicron variant is milder

And cloth facemasks are basically useless

And for those demanding a return of facemasks because of Omicron, cloth facemasks are basically useless in stopping the spread of viruses. READ: Most face masks won’t stop COVID-19 indoors, study warns

I was shocked to see even CNN admitting it. READ: ‘Don’t Wear a Cloth Mask’: CNN Medical Analyst Says Non-Surgical Masks Are Useless

Meanwhile, in Quebec

Montreal police arrested one person and fined 57 others who were protesting the province’s Omicron lockdown. The fines can range between $1,000 to $6,000. READ: Montreal police fine 57 for protesting against curfew, one arrested

The pandemic is clearly winding down, but the bigger question is this: Will the political and medical elite allow the panic-demic to end?

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