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Expert: COVID cases should no longer determine the seriousness of the pandemic

With the legacy media, and the medical and political elite terrorizing us about the rapidly rising numbers of Omicron cases, a health expert says that this should no longer be the metric used to determine the seriousness of the pandemic.

In an interview with Fox News, Dr. Ashish Jha, the Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, says that the major metric should instead be hospitalizations and deaths from Omicron.

It’s obvious that the symptoms of Omicron are much milder and this, combined with high vaccinations rates and immunity gained from a previous infection, have substantially reduced the seriousness of the infection.

As a result, hospitalizations and deaths are not keeping pace with the rapid rise in cases. Nevertheless, the medical and political elite are using the number of COVID cases to demand a return of lockdowns and masks.

The Blaze reported that Jha added that epidemiologists have been waiting for the arrival of Omicron because it signals a winding down of the pandemic.

“Omicron changes that. This is the shift we’ve been waiting for in many ways where we’re moving to a phase where if you’re vaccinated and particularly if you’re boosted, you might get an infection. It might be a couple of days of not feeling so great, but you’re going to bounce back. That’s very different than what we have seen in the past. So, I no longer think infections generally should be the major metric.”

Jha stated that he was saddened to hear that schools are starting to close because of the overblown fears of Omicron.

READ: Health expert says COVID cases should no longer be ‘major metric’ of pandemic, urges shift to hospitalizations, deaths

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