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Another study says Omicron is significantly milder than previous variants

Reports coming in from around the world are stating the same thing, Omicron is much milder than previous variants of COVID.

The UK has been particularly hard hit by Omicron. But the Daily Mail writes that a recent study by the UK’s Health Security Agency reveals that those who catch Omicron are 70% less likely to be hospitalized than the previous Delta variant.

Most who do catch it are asymptomatic or have cold-like symptoms.

The same report stated that the effectiveness of the booster vaccines fades after about ten weeks.

Predictably, the doom and gloomers are screaming that the sky is falling and warn of the imminent collapse of the health system, and are calling for more lockdowns, masks, and a fourth jab.

READ: Millions set for early FOURTH jab after it emerges booster effect starts wearing off after just 10 weeks: But major study finds Omicron is 70% less likely to cause hospitalisation as daily cases hit record 119,789

Meanwhile, several reputable epidemiologists are stating the arrival of Omicron is evidence that the pandemic, not the panic, is coming to an end. READ: Israeli Immunologist Says Omicron Variant Could Be Sign The Pandemic Is Nearing Its End

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