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Judge threatens hospital with a $10,000 daily fine in a battle over patient rights

When a 63-year-old Virginia woman, Kathleen Davies, came down with a severe case of COVID in October, she was admitted to hospital and has been on a ventilator since Nov 3, 2021.

The Blaze reports that with her condition declining and no other medical options available, Davies’ son, Christopher, asked the hospital to administer Ivermectin in late November, which has reportedly worked in other COVID cases.

The Virginia hospital refused, citing legal concerns

As a result, The Blaze reports on Dec 6, 2021, the family took Fauquier Hospital to court, where Judge Jim Fisher ordered the hospital to administer the drug.

But again it refused, stating its doctors were not willing to administer the drug.

This forced the family to return to court on Dec 9, where Judge Fisher again ruled in the family’s favour, and told the hospital to allow Ivermectin to be administered after the Davies family doctor agreed to do it.

When the hospital refused to grant the family doctor hospital privileges, the family returned to court a third time.

On Monday, Dec 13, 2021, the judge held the hospital in contempt and said if it did not administer Ivermectin to Kathleen Davies by 9 pm that day, it would be subject to daily fines of $10,000, effective Dec 9, 2021.

The hospital administered Ivermectin at 8:45 pm.

In these rulings, the judge was not addressing the merits of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID, but rather the patient’s rights to have the drug if they requested it.

The Blaze adds that, according to Christopher Davies, it was fundamentally a battle between the rights of citizens and the rights of hospitals:

“They believe it’s a fight between the rights of the hospital and the rights of citizens. They feel their rights trump her rights.”

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