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Academic wonders why politicians are treating Omicron like Ebola?

Politicians around the world are wringing their hands and warning a fifth lockdown is imminent because of a new COVID strain called Omicron that has emerged out of South Africa.

In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, University of London professor, Angus Dalgleish, asks why they are treating Omicron as Ebola when reports out of South Africa suggests it is mild and people are quickly recovering from it in a couple of days.

Because it is so weak, some epidemiologists are suggesting that Omicron may be telling the world that the pandemic is over.

Dalgleish writes:

As I listened to ministers react nervously in recent days to the new Omicron Covid variant, I began to experience an all-too-familiar sinking feeling.

Shall I put it into words? Here we go again, I thought.

Mask mandates have been reimposed in shops, schools and hairdressers, and new swingeing £200 fines will be levied on those who dare to break the rules. […]

The real danger for most of us now comes not from Omicron or any other coronavirus variant. Instead, it comes from ministers and officials apparently flirting with taking us into yet another era of ruinous restrictions, cancelling Christmas or other cherished holidays, dashing all hope of foreign travel, wrecking the economy and otherwise immiserating our lives at the whim of the state.

READ: The Omicron variant may spell the end of the Covid pandemic. So, asks Professor ANGUS DALGLEISH, why is it being treated like Ebola?

Meanwhile, in Florida

Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has refused to implement mask mandates and lockdowns and the number of COVID cases being reported in that state are falling.

Meanwhile, there is a touch of irony, as COVID cases continue to go up in states mandating masks and lockdowns.

Breitbart explains:

According to the New York Times’ coronavirus tracker, last updated November 29, Florida is reporting just three cases of the virus per 100,000 — the lowest in the nation. That is down from the six per capita reported Friday.

This is significant, as Florida came under constant scrutiny from the establishment media and left-wing politicians over the course of the pandemic, namely for refusing to embrace extended lockdowns or even a mask mandate. Notably, Florida never once had a statewide mask mandate in place. Illinois for comparison, is currently under another statewide mask mandate, yet it is reporting a daily average of 4,661 cases, or 37 per 100,000, representing an increase of 45 percent in the last two weeks. 

READ: Florida’s Lowest Coronavirus Case Rate in the Nation Drops Even Further

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