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Report ranks US as a ‘backsliding democracy’ for the first time

Christian Headlines reports an international watchdog, that monitors democracies around the world, has for the first time declared the US a ‘backsliding democracy.’

In its report, “Global State of Democracy,” the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IIDEA) stated that the authoritarian rules implemented because of the COVID pandemic is threatening democracies around the world.

IIDEA added that about 25% of the world lives in democracies where freedom and liberty are under attack.

It also stated that ‘authoritarian tendencies’ were already showing up in several countries before COVID made an appearance:

The number of countries undergoing ‘democratic backsliding’ (a more severe and deliberate kind of democratic erosion) has never been as high as in the last decade, and includes regional geopolitical and economic powers such as Brazil, India and the United States.”

The report noted that what was happening in the US was particularly concerning because it was considered a ‘bastion of democracy.’

When discussing the state of democracy in America, the organization pointed to several concerning issues:

  • Crackdowns on independent media
  • Crackdowns on freedom of expression
  • The wanton use of states of emergency
  • Restrictions on freedom of movement and worship that have lasted over a year

READ: United States Is Listed as a ‘Backsliding’ Democracy for First Time by International Watchdog

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