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Austria is passing a law requiring all citizens to be vaccinated

In what can only be described as alarming, the Austrian government is passing a law that would require all citizens to be vaccinated for COVID by Feb 1, 2022. There will probably be exemptions due to age and medical conditions.

The country has a population of 9 million people and about two million are unvaccinated.

The Daily Mail writes:

Austria’s fully-jabbed rate currently stands at 66 per cent, slightly above the European average of 62 per cent but below the theoretical level of 70 per cent needed for herd immunity. It reported 15,809 new cases Friday – another one-day record – with an infection rate of 990.7 per 100,000 over the last week, one of Europe’s highest.

Austria’s Chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg, believes this law is constitutional, though many are suggesting it is not. Some believe such a requirement would also violate European Union laws. There was no mention of what the penalties will be for those who refuse the vaccine, but it would likely involve a fine.

One opposition party stated that Austria ‘is now a dictatorship.’

Earlier this week, the Austrian government imposed a lockdown on the unvaccinated, who could only leave their homes for necessary trips such as shopping for food or going to work.

However, this lockdown will be extended to include the fully vaccinated effective Monday, Nov 22, 2021.

The Daily Mail reports that there are five countries where COVID vaccines are required by law for all citizens.

This includes:

  • Indonesia: Required all citizens to be vaccinated as of Feb. 2021. Any refusing to be vaccinated face a $250 fine,
  • Tajikistan: Everyone over 18 required to be vaccinated as of July 2021. No mention of penalties for refusal.
  • Turkmenistan: Vaccines are also required for everyone over the age of 18. Incredibly, this is happening in a country whose dictator claims they have not had a single case of COVID. No mention of penalties for refusal.
  • Micronesia: Requires vaccination for all citizens over 18 effective July this year. No mention of penalties; and
  • New Caledonia: Required all citizens be vaccinated as of September. No mention of penalties.

READ: Austria makes vaccines mandatory for EVERYONE and imposes full nationwide lockdown, as Europe’s cases hit a record high, Germany admits Christmas shutdown more likely and Ireland places its hospitals on a ‘war footing’ AND ‘Austria is now a dictatorship’: Opposition leader slams government over mandatory vaccine law and brands it ‘unconstitutional’ as Europe’s Covid crisis deepens with Germans told to work from home and warned Christmas lockdown is becoming more likely

Meanwhile, Sweden has taken a more pragmatic approach to the virus. The government has basically concluded COVID is going to be with us forever, and we simply have to learn to live with it. READ: Anti-lockdown Sweden now has Western Europe’s LOWEST Covid infection rate despite wave rolling across the continent — after Swedes were told they don’t need to be tested if they’re double-vaccinated

As I have stated previously, I am fully vaccinated, but I believe people should have the right to refuse vaccinations if they want.

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  1. What is going on around the world with this pandemic is rather sinister with the ways in which governments are fracturing society and dividing people into camps based on one characteristic.

    Dividing societies has never really worked out that well for all involved, yet when the propaganda is strong then people become blinkered.


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