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Canada: Political propaganda vs the COVID truth

The medical officer in charge of the Canadian province of Alberta, Dr Deena Hinshaw, was forced to publicly apologize after stating a 14-year-old boy had died of COVID earlier this week.

Though Hinshaw acknowledged that the boy had underlying health conditions, she explicitly tried to make political points by stating he died of COVID.

However, it all came crashing down around her, when the boy’s sister, Simone Spitzer, called Hinshaw out, stating her claim was fake news.

The National Post provides the details:

In a Facebook post, Simone Spitzer said the 14-year-old was her brother, and that he was dying of brain cancer, but had been diagnosed with COVID-19 two days before his death.

“He died from stage 4 brain cancer, not from covid,” Spitzer wrote, linking to a news story about the death. “This is fake news.”

The young boy was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year, and two days before he died, also tested positive for COVID.

Here are a few comments people made about Hinshaw’s apology:

  • This admission is just the tip of the iceberg. I trust NONE of any govts stats regarding covid. Zee-ro.”
  • “Yesterday we find out that the MSM is pushing photos of mannequins in the ICU and today…..THIS!  Can’t imagine why people are skeptical of the government, their appointed heath policy lackeys or the mainstream media…..”
  • “An attempt to BUMP UP THE NUMBERS so to speak, so as to justify the lockdown which will and has ruined many people financially….they would not do that-would they?”
  • “Big difference between dying of Covid and dying with Covid. The numbers have been skewed since the start.”
  • “This is utterly disgusting. Deena Hinshaw should resign. Losing a child is an awful experience and then to be used in such a way for a political agenda is completely unacceptable. Apologies to the family are not enough.”

READ: Dr. Deena Hinshaw apologizes and says Alberta teen didn’t actually die from COVID

This is not the first time that Albertans had reason to question the COVID stats provided by Henshaw and her department.

At the end of September, Hinshaw stated that any students who called in sick and refused to get tested, would be classified as COVID. After a major backlash from what Hinshaw said, the next day, the provincial government released a statement saying that only those who tested positive for COVID were classified as having the virus.

And then they wonder why people are losing trust.

And this is not even the only COVID apology that day.

Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, was forced to apologize after it did a story about how bad things are in Alberta’s ICUs because of COVID. It is so bad, the CBC apparently used mannequins to fake patients. READ: CBC apologizes for using photo of mannequin to represent ICU patient

COVID turned from a medical pandemic to a political one months ago.

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