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White House complains about high gas prices, as Biden boasts of shutting down US oil production

Breitbart reports that the US White House is talking to several energy countries asking them to reduce oil prices as gas prices exceed $5 a gallon in parts of the US.

The high prices are due to a worldwide shortage of oil.

Breitbart noted that a week earlier, in a speech on National Monuments, President Joe Biden was bragging how he shut down oil production in Alaska. READ: Remarks by President Biden on Restoring Protections for National Monuments

According to Breitbart, the US is currently producing about two million barrels of oil today, down from 13 million a day in 2019.

READ: White House Begs Oil Companies for Cheaper Fuel Days After Joe Biden Boasted About Suspending Drilling

RELATED: There are also concerns that home heating bills are also expected to escalate as winter sets in. READ: Feds to Americans: Expect your heating bills to soar big-time this winter — as much as 54%

And it’s not just the US that is running into problems. READ: Britain ‘COULD run out of gas this winter’: Billionaire industrialist Sir Jim Ratcliffe warns very cold season would shut down industry – with UK left with just TEN DAYS of supply in the bank

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