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Only unvaccinated need apply?

A small canoe manufacturer based in Atikokan, Ont, Canada, Souris River Canoes, recently found itself at the center of a social media backlash when it posted a job ad, looking for two full time and one part-time worker.

But what caused a stir is that the company stated it would only accept job applications from unvaccinated people, writing:

“Please DO NOT apply if you have taken any vaccines for COVID-19.”

Predictably, there was an outrage.

The Financial Post reports that when asked to explain its position, owners Arlene and Keith Robinson stated in an email response to a poster on Reddit:

“We stand against government and corporate bullying of people’s right to health freedom using vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.”

“You have a right to your judgemental attitudes and opinions, just as we have a right to make our own business hiring decisions.”

Though many on social media condemned the small company, one marketing guru stated that in the long run this move might prove beneficial as it provides name recognition beyond what it originally had.

READ: Choppy waters: Ontario canoe maker posts jobs only for ‘unvaccinated individuals’

Meanwhile, dozens of companies are requiring new hires to be vaccinated and in some instances even require vaccination if employees want to continue working for the business. READ: Here are the companies requiring employees to get vaccinated

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