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Study: Marijuana usage nearly doubles risk of a heart attack

According to a study by researchers from the University of Toronto, smoking Cannabis between the ages of 18 to 44 nearly doubles the risk of a heart attack.

Does the COVID virus spread from computer to computer?

I know there are viruses that can cause considerable damage to a person’s computers, but I never thought COVID was one of them. But Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey has taken the COVID restrictions to the next level, as it has just banned a student from taking online classes because he wasn’t vaccinated. According to the New York Post, Logan Hollar, 22, recently discovered he was locked out of his account at Rutgers when he tried to pay for his online classes. The reason that Rutgers gave for banning him from taking virtual classes that he would view on his computer is because he had not been vaccinated. Hollar lives 70 miles from Rutgers, and apparently breathing on a computer screen without a mask miles away from where it is being hosted is now considered a potential threat to spread the virus. There is an appeals process available for students claiming a vaccine exemption, but Rutgers states that takes weeks to process. Meanwhile, Hollar, who has already missed the sign-up date for his …

Suicide: It’s a word that cuts

It’s ironic that a successful suicide means death and an unsuccessful one means life. According to Stats Canada, and reported on, suicide has consistently been the 9th leading cause of death in Canada. Males commit suicide at a rate approximately three times that of females. READ: Suicide stats for Canada, provinces and territories Over ten people a day kill themselves in Canada, and the age at which this is done the most is during the fifties: READ: Suicide rate in Canada by age group in 2019 Those families and friends left behind usually feel guilty, and ashamed. Not just of the suicide, but shame because there is a strongly held belief that they could have done something. Hindsight tears apart their hearts, and the stigma of suicide can turn the cause of death into a dark secret. And when something is painful, and it is a secret, it turns into a monster of demonic power. There are no words of comfort that can reach into this darkness. No human words at least. Often we …

The communist agenda behind Extinction Rebellion?

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a radical environmental group that has been causing a major disruption of traffic in Britain over that past couple weeks as it demands the country take more radical steps to stop global warming. But a recent rally at London’s Trafalgar Square exposed the radical political agenda that is behind XR and as well many environmental groups.