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UN demands Australia quit producing coal

According to recent reports, an official with the United Nations has just told Australia to stop producing coal.

Breitbart states that the order was apparently delivered by U.N.’s assistant secretary-general and special adviser on climate action, Selwin Hart, at a business forum being held at the Australian National University.

However, it did not sit well with Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who tweeted that Australia will decide what is best for the country, not some unelected UN bureaucrat:

READ: Australia Rejects U.N. Demand to End Coal Mining: Will Ignore ‘Foreign Body’

Meanwhile, in Britain… READ: Britain forced to fire up coal plant amid record power prices and winter squeeze

Of course, it brings up a bigger issue. Why is the UN bullying Australia?

Has this UN official also told Communist China to stop building coal plants?

According to a report published by U.S.-based Global Energy Monitor (GEM) and Helsinki-based Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), Communist China built over three times as many coal powered electricity generation facilities than the rest of the world combined. READ: China Built Three Times as Much Coal Power in 2020 as the Rest of the World Combined

Others are asking a more basic question?

If CO2 emissions are supposed to end the world in ten years, why was Communist China, the world’s largest CO2 emitter, exempt under the Paris Accord and also the previous climate change deal, Kyoto. READ: Former environment senator Fritz Vahrenholt: “We are threatened by a dramatic loss of prosperity”

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Communist China produces nearly a third of the world’s CO2 emissions:

A pie chart showing emissions per country by percentage, 2018

RELATED: Study: China Emits More Pollution in 16 Days Than Close Western Country Does in 1 Year

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