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Pro-life billboard taken down after death threats

Abolish Abortion Texas billboard, IgnoreRoe.com, was taken down after one day when the owner of the land where it was posted received death threats.
Credit: Abolish Abortion Texas

Faithwire is reporting that a pro-life billboard put up near Boyd, Texas, was taken down after one day, when the person who allowed the billboard to go up on his land started receiving death threats.

The billboard that reads, ’62 million dead and counting: IgnoreRoe.com’, was sponsored by Abolish Abortion Texas, a pro-life group, encouraging Texas politicians to ignore the Roe v Wade Supreme court ruling and ban abortions in the state.

It is a sign of the growing intolerance and violence directed towards people who hold a Biblical view on life. Apparently, in our new tolerant world, only one opinion is tolerated.

READ: ‘It’s Pathetic’: Pro-Life Billboard Removed After Just One Day Due to Death Threats

Meet Jane Roe

It is a little known fact, that the woman behind the infamous Jane Roe Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in America in 1973, later became a believer.

Her name was actually Norma McCorvey, and coincidentally she was also from Texas. In 1969, she became pregnant at the age of 21 with her third child and wanted an abortion, which was illegal except under rare circumstance.

Norma became the face of the abortion industry, under the pseudonym Jane Roe, as lawyers used her case to successfully challenge the legality of abortions.

In 1995, Norma McCorvey became a Christian, was water baptized and quit her job at a pro-choice clinic.

She would eventually find work with a pro-life organization before dying of heart failure in 2017. READ: This week in Christian history: “Roe” gets baptized; Shakers come to America; Martin Luther fore dies AND ‘Jane Roe’ joins anti-abortion group AND Norma McCorvey Obituary

Due to the delays, as the Jane Roe court case wound its way to the Supreme Court, Norma had her baby before the case was settled. She gave up her child for adoption, disproving one of the major lies of the abortion movement that these aborted babies are unwanted.

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