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Family dog rescues suffocating foal

The Western Journal reports on the heart-warming story of how a family dog saved a newly born foal.

Marie Hurley owns a farm in Tappen, BC, Canada, called “Hillbilly Haven. On June 24, 2021, she was woken in the middle of the night by Toffee, her South African boerboel.

Toffee came up to the bedroom around 2 AM and roughly shoved her nose in Marie’s shoulder and barked. Uncertain, what was going up, Marie god out of bed, and as she did the dog suddenly raced down the stairs of their home.

At this point, Marie decided to follow Toffee out into the yard and found that one of her mares had just given birth, but she said the foal was making a “horrible, horrible noise — it was a snoring noise.”

Though the foal was on the ground, it was still in it amniotic sack and was having difficulty, as the sack was sucking into the foal’s nose every time it tried to breathe.

Marie immediately ripped the amniotic sack off the foal and believes, if Toffee hadn’t woken her, the colt would probably have died.

READ: Dog helps save colt’s life after it begins suffocating during birth in the middle of the night AND Dog helps save colt’s life in early morning rescue in Tappen, B.C.

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