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Canadian judge crushes Trudeau government’s bigotry

The National Post reports that a Canadian federal judge has just ruled that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government discriminated against Redeemer University, when it was not allowed to participate in a student work program because it was a Christian organization.

Under the program, the federal government provided grants to organizations looking to hire students over the summer. Redeemer University had successfully participated in the program since 2006.

However, when Redeemer applied for a grant in 2019, it was rejected because of the school’s position on morality, as the university forbid students from having “sexual intimacies which occur outside a heterosexual marriage.”

The judge ruled:

There is no evidence… that [Service Canada] made any overt attempt to consider Redeemer’s rights to freedom of religion, freedom of expression or freedom of association in considering its application.”

In what many consider an unprecedented move, the judge also ordered the federal government to pay the school’s legal costs that amounted to just over $100,000.

In 2018, the federal government was sued by several groups when it required organizations to approve abortions in order to receive federal grants under the program.

After it was forced to back off that requirement, the Trudeau government changed its tactics to focus on same-sex marriage.

READ: Judge slaps down Trudeau government for denying summer jobs grants to Christian university AND Trudeau: Abortion clause in summer jobs grant application shouldn’t put off religious groups

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