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Did a personal prophecy play a role in actor Stephen Baldwin becoming a Christian?

Actor Stephen Baldwin at CPAC in 2012.
Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

With all the mockery Christians have received on the dozens of false prophecies given over the past couple of years, that then President Donald Trump would win a second term as US president, it is nice to see that legitimate prophecies have impacted people’s lives.

Because it appears that a prophetic word played a key role in the salvation of actor Stephen Baldwin and his wife, Kenya, a Brazilian graphic designer.

Their daughter, Hailey, also a believer, is married to mega pop star Justin Bieber. Stephen is also brother to actors Alec Baldwin and William Baldwin.

Though, Stephen became a Christian shortly after the September 11, 2001 attack in New York City, in an interview with CBN, Stephen stated that the real transformation started before that tragic day, after they hired a young Brazilian woman, Augusta, as a nanny for their children.

Within a week of her arrival, Augusta was singing songs about Jesus in Portuguese to the Baldwin children.

Stephen said:

“So we hired this lady from Brazil named Augusta, and the whole first week she’s working for us she’s singing in Portuguese, which she only spoke that language with my wife.

She’s singing about Jesus, and my wife comes to me in a few days and asks me, ‘Do you hear what she’s singing about? She’s singing about Jesus.”

But the story took a unique turn, when Kenya approached the nanny and asked why she was always singing about Jesus.

At that point, Augusta started laughing and when Kenya asked what was so funny, the nanny said it was funny because God had not sent her there just to be the family’s nanny, but rather to lead the Baldwins to faith in Jesus and then explained why.

Augusta was still living in Brazil when she found out that the Baldwins were interested in hiring her as a nanny. However, before she accepted the position, Augusta received a prophetic word at her Brazilian church, that if she took the job, she would be instrumental in leading the Baldwins to the Lord. This, in turn, would result in them becoming involved in a Christian ministry.

After Kenya told her husband about the conversation, Stephen basically laughed it off and continued his work as an actor.

But Augusta was having an impact on Kenya and started taking her to a Brazilian church in New York City, where Kenya believed on Jesus and was water baptized.

Kenya then began sharing her faith with Stephen and praying for her husband.

Stephen told CBN:

“She went into prayer and Bible study regiment unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Up in the morning, on her knees face on the ground for an hour, without flinching, up off her knees into the bed with the Bible at least 30 to 45 minutes, every morning, every night for one year.”

Though Stephen was interested in what was happening with his wife, the 911 event became the catalyst that led the Hollywood actor to becoming a Christian.

But this personal prophecy given to Augusta revealed her true purpose for going to New York City, and undoubtedly gave her the boldness to share her faith.

And in Jesus’ life, we see personal prophecy played a role in other individuals becoming disciples of Christ.

In John 1:48-51, we read how Nathan, who was skeptical after being told about Jesus by his friend Philip, changed his mind when Christ prophetically described exactly what Nathan was doing when Philip first talked to him.

The second took place with the Samaritan woman when Jesus received prophetic revelation about her having five husbands, causing the woman to respond, “Sir, I can see you are a prophet.” (John 4:17-19)

Of course, Stephen is not the only Hollywood actor to have his life impacted by a personal prophecy.

As a young teen, actor Denzil Washington received a prophetic word at his mother’s beauty parlour, that he would be speaking to millions, and a similar prophetic word given to actor Chris Pratt, as he waited outside a liquor store in Hawaii, led to Pratt becoming a Christian. Then a few weeks later, a Hollywood producer walked into the restaurant where Pratt was working as a waiter.

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