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Canada vs US on COVID care

There was a recent article in the Toronto Star that cited how Canada’s vaunted government-run health care system is failing in its fight against COVID. Meanwhile, the evil private health care system in the US is doing much better.

The Toronto Star provides the details:

While this country successfully procured these treatments to help hospitals fight the pandemic, the medicines are not being adequately deployed. Instead, they are sitting unused in warehouses across Canada.

Half of all patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in the United States who enter a hospital receive medication proven to shorten hospital stays. In Canada, less than 10 per cent do. We are not taking advantage of medications that could preserve hospital capacity and keep more patients out of intensive care and off ventilators.

READ: With ICUs packed, why aren’t we using the latest COVID-19 medications?

So, what is going on in Canada? Is this due to the bureaucratic incompetence common among most government-run organizations?

Both systems of health care, public and private, have their strengths and weaknesses. Most European countries utilize a combination of both private and public to provide the best medical services for their citizens.

Of course, Canada has also been hamstrung by its current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who was obsessed most of last year with arranging a deal with Communist China to produce vaccines. READ: Moderna founder says Canada needs to build a biotech hub to avoid ‘getting caught with its pants down next time’

More on Canada vs US:

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