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An unusual anti-Semitic attack

Three men recently attacked a young Austrian woman, 19, on the Vienna subway. The men pulled her hair, called her a ‘Jewish slut’ and a ‘child murder’, even though she doesn’t live in Israel.

Nothing unusual here as anti-Semitic attacks are skyrocketing in parts of the world. Between May 8 and May 31, Britain reported 351 antisemitic attacks, the highest number recorded for a one-month period since they started recording these type of incidents.

But there were a couple of unusual things about this attack.

First the girl was not Jewish, but was simply reading a book, entitled “The Jew in the Modern World” as part of a university course.

Secondly and equally disturbing was the alleged response of the Austrian police after the girl fled the subway car onto the platform and told two police officers what had happened.

Apparently, the police officers, who are now under investigation, told the young woman that the attack was her fault for reading that type of book during these tense times. They refused to investigate and look for the men who were still on the train and then told her to forget about the assault.

And then, one of the police officers allegedly said it couldn’t be an anti-Semitic attack because she wasn’t Jewish.

READ: Austrian student, 19, is attacked on a train and called a ‘Jewish slut’ only for Vienna cops to accuse her of acting provocatively by reading a book about Jews AND ‘Horrific surge’ in anti-Semitic attacks in the past four weeks alone linked to violence in Israel and Gaza has already surpassed the total for any month since records began, campaigners warn

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