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Australia’s mouse plague, not for the squeamish

If you “hate those meeses to pieces” like Jinx the cat did in a Hanna Barbara cartoon from decades back, then definitely don’t watch the video.

Apparently, Australia is going through a mouse plague that regularly shows up every ten or so years. However, many farmers are saying this year’s mouse plague is the worst ever seen.

Blame it on 2020 when rains ended a two-year drought bringing with it great crops for Australian farmers who in addition to storing grain in sheds and silos also wrap any excess grain in plastic bagging on the ground.

These proved to be little more than free buffets and mouse population exploded.

With winter approaching experts are warning the mice may be soon heading into the neighbouring cities looking for food.

READ: Australia’s unrelenting mouse plague could last for TWO YEARS as farmers abandon their crops and experts warn rodents are starting to swarm Sydney

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