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A broken heart can physically break your heart

According to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) an emotionally broken heart has the potential to physically damage a person’s heart. Though the condition called Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) is rare, it is potentially fatal and is found most often in women. Researchers from Harvard stated that 90% of the cases involved women between the ages of 58 to 75. The research team from MGH stated that TTS occurs when a person undergoes a stressful event that results in increased activity in a person’s amygdala, an organ located on either side of our cerebrum that controls our memory and emotions. This in turn can cause increased activity in a person’s heart that can actually cause physical damage resulting in what is referred to as a “broken-hearted syndrome. According to the researchers, there are several things that can lead to this condition including such stress producing factors as: Death of a child or spouse Death of a pet Divorce or break up Job loss Infidelity Unfortunately, these type of events are a part of real life. God …

Is Ivermectin an effective COVID treatment in Mexico City?

Ivermectin is a cheap drug. It’s safe and has been used for decades to treat a range of parasites in adults, children (including head lice), pets and livestock. And Mexico City is the latest to report that Ivermectin may be an effective COVID treatment. According to a recent study, Mexico City saw a reduction in hospitalizations for COVID by between 52% and 76% when Ivermectin was included as part of the treatment for COVID.

Do you want my real answer or my PC answer?

When it comes to many issues, Americans struggle with providing the politically correct answer, the one they are supposed to give, or their real opinion. In a recent poll, conducted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Americans were asked a series of questions on climate change in order to determine people’s real opinion on what has turned into largely a political issue.

When taxes get too high

A recent article by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) provided a list of the top ten most taxed states in America, and they broke it down in an unusual way. They looked at the total amount of taxes a person paid in their lifetime. According to FEE, you would be a millionaire if you lived in New Jersey and were able to keep all the taxes you paid over the course of your life, that amounted to $932,000 or about half a person’s lifetime earnings (49.51%). This compared to the average amount of taxes, $525,037, paid by Americans in their lifetime. So by just moving to an average tax state an American family could potentially save over $400,000 in a lifetime. But we need to understand the actual tax bite varied because the average wage also differed by state. Though some states paid less lifetime taxes, their average wage was also less turning it into a proportionally higher tax rates. So based on percentages, here is the amount paid by the top ten highest …

Australia’s mouse plague, not for the squeamish

If you “hate those meeses to pieces” like Jinx the cat did in a Hanna Barbara cartoon from decades back, then definitely don’t watch the video. Apparently, Australia is going through a mouse plague that regularly shows up every ten or so years. However, many farmers are saying this year’s mouse plague is the worst ever seen.

God Is Not Discouraged

By Dr. Michael L. Brown The Scriptures often speak of God being grieved or angry. But they never speak of Him being discouraged. That’s because discouragement is not an “emotion” that exists within the Godhead. How could it? Discouragement would imply despair. Or hopelessness. Or defeat. And all of these emotions – to speak of the Creator in human terms – are totally foreign to Him. Ultimately, in Jesus, they should be foreign to us as well. Of course, it is only natural that, as human beings, even human beings who have a close relationship with the Lord, we will pass through seasons of discouragement. The burdens of life overwhelm us. Or our hopes and expectations are not realized. Or our lofty dreams come crashing to the ground. Or things take much longer than expected. Or it seems that there’s just too much suffering and pain. Or we disappoint ourselves, convincing us that we will always be failures. Or . . . you can fill in the blank. There are countless reasons for discouragement, and, …

Teens who spend over an hour a day on video games score poorly in school, study

According to a study by researchers from Rutgers University-New Brunswick (New Jersey, USA), young teens who spend more than an hour each day playing video games or using the internet and social media have significantly lower school grades than those who don’t. They also found that boys were more negatively impacted by higher usage than girls.