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Do you want my real answer or my PC answer?

When it comes to many issues, Americans struggle with providing the politically correct answer, the one they are supposed to give, or their real opinion.

In a recent poll, conducted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Americans were asked a series of questions on climate change in order to determine people’s real opinion on what has turned into largely a political issue.

First they were asked how concerned they were about Climate Change. Of course with the left-wing media, politicians and Hollywood celebs incessantly pounding about the terrors of Global Warming, the majority (67%) dutifully said that they were somewhat or very concerned about Climate Change.

But then the survey asked another question to determine their real answer.

Remember, the Global Warming fanatics have been telling us for decades that we only have ten years to save the planet, so people were asked how much were they willing to pay monthly to save the planet from Global Warming or the next Ice Age depending on what decade you lived through.

What would the pay to save the world from imminent extinction:

  • 35% said they would pay nothing as in $0.
  • 15% said they would pay up to $10 a month
  • 6% said they might consider coughing up between $11-$20 a month.
  • 5% said they could stretch to $21-$30, a month
  • 75% of Americans said they were unwilling to pay more than $50 to save the world from a Climate extinction that will supposedly take place within ten years.

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