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Seychelles: COVID surges despite leading world in vaccines

It’s a puzzle. Seychelles has the highest COVID vaccination rate in the world, with 131 doses per 100 people. Over 70% of the people have received their first COVID vaccine, and 61% have received their second.

But now the 115 island nation located in the Indian Ocean is being overwhelmed with COVID cases and the country is returning to lockdowns.

I wonder what could be the problem?

The Daily Wire explains:

According to Bloomberg, Seychelles “acted quickly to begin vaccinations in January using a donation of Chinese vaccines from the United Arab Emirates.”

“By April 12, 59% of the doses administered were Sinopharm vaccines and the rest were Covishield, a version of AstraZeneca Plc’s shot made under license in India,” Bloomberg added.

READ: Seychelles Experiencing COVID-19 Surge, Enforcing Restrictions, Despite Leading World In Vaccination Rate

Yes, over 59% of their vaccines came from Communist China.

I am not sure if this is related.

READ: China Struggling to Convince Citizens to Take Chinese-Made Flu Shots AND Coronavirus: vaccine scandals haunt China’s winter flu shot drive AND Chinese Company Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Previously Bribed Regulators For Other Vaccine Approvals AND Hong Kong Punishes Clinic for Advising Against Chinese-Made Coronavirus Vaccine

Despite an effective vaccine roll out that ranks fourth behind Seychelles, Israel and Britain’s vaccination rates, Chile is now reporting a surge in COVID cases. I wonder what vaccine they are using? READ: Chile learns the hard way that China’s vaccine isn’t very good AND Chile leads the Western Hemisphere in vaccinations. The coronavirus is still surging.

Meanwhile, Britain which is using vaccines manufactured in Western democracies recently reported only ONE COVID death on May 3, 2021. READ: Britain records just ONE Covid death in lowest daily toll in nine months while 1,649 infections are the fewest since September – as UK hits 50million vaccine milestone and Matt Hancock says we’ll have a ‘great British summer’

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