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China’s military scientists discussed weaponizing viruses?

The Daily Wire reports that both the United States and Australia obtained secret documents indicating that the Chinese military was discussing the possibility of militarizing the SARS coronaviruses in 2015, if there was ever a World War III.

Reformed pastor denounces contemporary worship

A reformed pastor with a Presbyterian church recently caused controversy when he publicly criticized the styles of worship being used in many churches today. In his presentation to the Gospel Reformation Network conference, David McWilliams, who pastors Covenant Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, Florida, criticized the modern worship that is moving away from the hymns sung in traditional churches. In his presentation, Pastor McWilliams not only focussed on such trends as using smoke, lighting and video displays in sync with the music, but as well on the type of music being incorporated in these worship services. In his presentation, McWilliams noted: “For example, who can think that a service peppered with salsa rhythms will lead the congregation to worship God in reverence and awe? Or rock music. Will sentimental tunes or music that remind one of night clubs lead us to reverence and awe?” “Therefore, certain forms of music, attitudes, and actions are immediately excluded from worship by the one principle that we are to worship our God in reverence and awe.” It is an interesting …

Ontario police take the government to court

Ten active police officers and five retired in the Canadian province of Ontario are taking their government to court arguing that the province’s recent dystopian lockdown is unconstitutional. They are also arguing that the government’s recent moves, that includes stopping people out for a walk and in cars without cause, violates the oath that police take.

Does ‘Satan 2’ = ‘Wormwood’?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Russia is in the final testing phase of its latest super nuke that the government describes as invincible. The intercontinental ballistic missile named RS-28 Sarmat, nicknamed Satan 2, weighs 208 tons and is scheduled to be part of Russia’s nuclear arsenal in 2022. The government is planning three test launches of the ICBM this year and states it can travel 11,200 miles and is capable of reaching the continental US over the North Pole and is also capable of launching over the South Pole, in a surprise attack from an unexpected direction. Because of its launch speed and unpredictable flight, Russia states that RS-28 Sarmat will be difficult to shoot down and its payload of 10 large thermonuclear warheads is capable of devastating an area as large as the state of Texas or the combined area of England and Wales. Russia is not the only country with nuclear weapons. The US, Britain, China, Israel, France, Pakistan, India, and North Korea also have nuclear weapons and of course Iran desperately …