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Police officer says ‘There are bad people in every career’

Major Kelvin Dingle, Atlanta, Georgia YouTube Video Capture

You have to admit the Black Lives Matter propaganda demonizing all police as being evil has been effective. Yes, there are bad police officers and as long as we have humans doing our policing that will never change.

But there are also bad doctors, bad teachers, bad nurses, bad lawyers, bad real estate agents, and even bad judges but does that make all people in those professions bad. No.

And this was the message of a Black police officer from Georgia, USA. Major Kelvin Dingle, a former marine, works at the Morehouse School of Medicine Department of Public Safety in Atlanta. He just released a Tik Tok video, that has since gone viral with over two million views, saying he is sick of how the police have been so demonized that people think all of them are bad stating that “there are bad people in every career.”

The Daily Mail reports:

‘I wake up every morning and kiss my family goodbye, knowing that there’s a possibility I will not come home,’ he says in the clip, which is set to Novo Amor’s song ‘Repeat Until Death’.

He continues: ‘I am tired of every time I wake up in the morning someone polarizes the fact that maybe law enforcement is just not a good thing. All of us are not bad.’ […]

Dingle went on ‘Fox & Friends‘ Tuesday morning, saying he created the video because he’s had enough of the negative portrayals of those working in law enforcement.

‘I was riding home and I was thinking in regards to everything and now it’s just different. I’m driving next to people and people are just frowning at me. People are purposely doing things to get my attention. They’re flipping me off,’ Dingle said.  

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