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Medical license of pro-life doctor restored after he refused to perform abortion

The medical license of a Brazilian pro-life doctor, Dr. Leandro Rodriguez Lastra, has been reinstated after he was suspended for not performing a late-term abortion.

LifeSite News explains:

February 25, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Argentinian Dr. Leandro Rodríguez Lastra, a pro-life gynecologist whose registration had been suspended by the Ministry of Health in the Entre Ríos province because he refused to perform a late-term abortion, has been allowed to resume his medical practice after litigation.

His doctor’s license was withdrawn after he was convicted in Río Negro in March 2020 and deprived of his right to be employed in public institutions. Local health authorities had gone one step further, making it impossible for him to continue in private practice.

Because of his objection in 2017, the life of a baby was saved at 23 weeks’ gestation after the little boy’s mother was refused a legal abortion that she sought on the grounds that she had been raped. Under the law, she had no obligation to prove the rape.

READ: Pro-life doctor’s medical license reinstated after he was suspended for refusing to do late-term abortion

Dr. Leandro Rodriguez Lastra refused to perform the abortion when the baby was 23 weeks old. Abortions are brutal procedures for a baby and studies reveal that babies in the womb can feel pain as early as 18 weeks. READ: The First Ache: New York Times

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